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Digital Retailing In Store – Road to Sales

The Tagrail process adopts from successful methodologies that has been used in car dealerships and does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to best practices. However there are two main differentiators in our sales process and they are

Transparent customer experience

  • The process puts the customer at ease at every step of the interaction through efficient use of technology. All the necessary information about the vehicle (like specifications, videos, brochures, pricing) is available in the tablet.
  • Digitizing the process by capturing licenses, personal information and secure transmission to the CRM.

Efficient Sales Process

  • Sales person can easily interact with the Sales managers via secure messaging, present payment options, and provide quotes to the customers without leaving them at any point of the process.
  • Sales Managers can track the test drives, customer ups, be backs, time taken by each customer at the dealership.
  • Single point of entry and integration to CRM, Desking helps move the process faster.

A typical road to sale consists of the following steps. By having the Tagrail Platform the salesperson will be at customer’s side every step of the way and work interactively in closing the sale.

Step 1: First Impression – Meet & Greet

  • Up system and turn based rotation

Step 2: Building Trust

  • Provide Apple store experience
  • Professional Interaction

Step 3: Needs Assessment

  • Customer Interview
  • Referral Source

Step 4: Product Presentation

  • Sell the dealership
  • Sell the Brand & Vehicle
  • Inventory Lookup

Step 5: Demonstrate A Vehicle

  • Test drive
  • Experience Capture

Step 6: Look at the Customer’s Trade

  • Trade Walk through
  • Appraisal Presentation

Step 7: Provide Pencil Payment

  • Lease/Retail/Cash first pencil
  • Fuel Savings/ Rebates presentation

Step 8: Close the Sale – Getting to Know Your Customer

  • Credit Evaluation, Soft Pull, Hard Pull

Step 8: Closing the Deal – Fielding Objections

  • Quoting Payments

Step 8: Closing the Deal – Commitment to Purchase

Step 9: Turnover and Delivery

One of the main elements in Tagrail digital retailing is keeping the human element at the center of the process. The human experience of guiding a customer through the purchase is aided by the Tagrail iPad app as easy click through modules. The end goal is a Shoulder-to-Shoulder experience between sales consultants and the customers.