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Fit-bit like feedback for Sales

For many, that remarkable portable fitness guru, the Fitbit, has replaced the personal coach for motivating and encouraging higher levels of healthy performance. Spending on technologies like online marketing and CRMs can bring customers to the showroom, but what happens after that? Are you effectively converting your walk-ins? How are you measuring the ROI on technology spending?

Imagine a Fitbit-like outcome for the dealership showroom. A device that monitors the heartbeat of show room ups and lead activities and holds the sales associates accountable for creating a better experience for customers that leads to higher conversion rates.

Attendees of theDigital Dealer 23 Conference and Expo interested in providing a livingroom-to-showroom journey for their customers should plan now to visit Booth 131, TagRail™ to demo this remarkable tool.

Jenan Culic, General Manager for Downtown Toyota, Toronto, a part of the Downtown Auto Group, describes those outcomes from his use of a new customer engagement management (CEM) platform his store installed recently.

“Since using the TagRail platform in our dealership, we’ve noticed a more relaxed environment, with our sales consultants now handling decision-making once left to the sales manager, and therefore our closing ratios are on the rise,” he says.

“I attribute this improved closing ratio to how TagRail acts like a Fitbit platform for the car dealership, providing performance feedback, accountability, and measurement that tells us how we are doing and how to continue to improve customer engagement, sales efficiencies, and retention,” he adds.

Dealerships like Downtown Toyota have transformed their sales process by changing how each customer touch point is handled and measured while improving workforce and workflow dynamics throughout the dealership

With the right CEM like TagRail as your Fitbit-device, managers get real-time digital feedback about their associates’ performance related to road to the sale practices, test drive and walkaround completion, and other metrics that increase showroom up conversion.

CEMs contribute to more customer-centric experiences that makes buyers brand enthusiasts. Isn’t that the word you want on the street and what others say about your dealership and personnel on popular dealer review sites? With Fitbit-like simplicity and motivation, you can be assured it is so. www.tagrail.com